Wednesday, September 08, 2004

my daily spot.

wireless and high octane coffee drinks makes me a happy boy.

there's not too much to ramble about - i'm still gigging, working like crazy and trying to find the time to unpack at my new house. i have to squeeze that shit in there somewhere. living in chaos sucks.

all of the above will have to take a rest 'cos i need to prepare for nyc. i have my records, gear, clothes and a laptop to worry about bringing on the plane. i bet that i will have to pay extra to get all that shit up there. it's all good and worth it.

i am excited. i'm looking forward to hanging out with my ny peoples and running around, but i'm not looking forward to walking around nyc with an injured ankle though. fuck it, i'll manage.

this disturbs me. click here. seeing her live is one thing, but a box set is another. i'll pass...

yo! my girls are back in town and ready to do some damage to your event. book 'em. click here

gotta go.


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