Saturday, September 11, 2004

i'm in nyc on 9/11.

the giant robot party was hot. the packed house got down to the sounds of my man brent and yours truly 'til 4am. which is different, 'cos everything shuts down at 2am in texas. i was really scarred by the number of texas kids that were there. it's obvious that austin has infiltrated in nyc. it was good to see them all.

people asking for my business card during my set was funny. a cue to move? nah...

a random pic i jacked from the internet of the party...

here's a pic of me, chillin' with the ladies after my set. hee...

in short, it was fun.

earlier in the day, we went to the packed art opening for this guy. it was out of control.

today was spent dogwatching (a fresh golden lab, named lola) and walking around the lower east side. shells lives in walking distance of all the nerdy sneaker/design shops, so i geeked out all day.

here's me and lola.

a nice dinner topped off a chill day in nyc.

more later.


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