Monday, August 16, 2004

this weekend was fun.

jules and yours truly, riding around houston yesterday.

i had (sorta) my first installment of my 80's party in h-town this past weekend. even though it turned out to be a total disaster (the venue double-booked, the promoter and owner never met), i had a great time in houston. i made the most money i have ever made for spinning 15 minutes. nice. my hotel room was super posh as well...

this tells me that i need to have total control over my out-of-town parties if they are going to run smoothly. i take care of every detail here in austin and it goes off without any problems. i think that it would not have been successful if that wasn't the case. i have to remember that this is a reflection of me, my town and my peoples. we have it good here...

after the debacle at the bar, i went with dave and jules to some random club near the hotel to hear some dancehall. the funny thing is that as soon as we walked in, the dj started playing some tejano. how odd. it was all good though, 'cos it was nice to be with my people. it was nice to be somewhere and not play. i needed this.

other highlights...

- went to the new 300,000 sq. ft. ikea and spent a grip. that place was insane.
fortunately dave rented an suv for the weekend, we totally filled it.

- saw the cure @ the woodlands. the weather was perfect and the show could not have been any better. some of the songs gave me chills.

- bumping into all sorts of people at the concert.

- seeing aisha tyler in the hotel lobby.

that's it for now.

have a good day.


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