Sunday, August 08, 2004

let me ride.

this weekend was much fun. all my gigs went smoothly and i played to some insane crowds. i am very thankful.

for the previous post, some anonymous individual from san jose, california (obviously a hater, obviously lived here) commented and went on some hateful tirade on how texas is boring, how austin is wack, how he's not impressed with that fact that i can make a living spinning, that i have enjoyed success here, that i'm a big fish in a little pond, how he's not impressed that i have a car and that i am about to move into the nicest place i ever lived in and that i couldn't rock a crowd in a "real city" like ny or sf on a regular basis.

i wish you all can see what he wrote, but i accidentally deleted it. oops.

the comment kinda surprised me, 'cos it was like a personal attack, then it made me realize even more how the internet enables a person to say shit about you without ever having to face you. enables people to have a skewed perspective.

it's easy.

it's weak.

it's funny.

it's sad.

you all can read the comments for the post below.

all i have to say is that you have not walked a mile in my shoes, buddy.

now buy yourself a drink, because you need to loosen up.

for all you texas kids - come to my 80's jumpoff either in houston or austin on the 14th or the 21st. get there early, 'cos it's gonna be packed.


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