Friday, July 02, 2004

strike a pose.

acting silly for the photographer.

the photo shoot yesterday was really fun. i had no idea that there would be a stylist and several wardrobe changes, i thought that it was going to be me and my own gear. it was nice rocking gear that i can't really afford. ha.

it all took place at the bar that i spin at on thursdays. during the week it's open in the afternoon for happy hour, so it was weird seeing people that are part of my nightlife in the daylight. they all looked great, which is a good thing 'cos usually it's the other way around. even the bar looked nice, most bars look like shit when you see them during the day. very fresh. very clean.

anyway, i'll let you know about my article and the magazine as soon as it comes out.

have a safe holiday weekend.


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