Wednesday, July 07, 2004

ready. set. go.

minutes before my show saturday.

i had a great time spinning tonight. doing shots with the br*wn bar honeys is always fun.

on the way back to my car, i bumped into two really attactive women. the blonde actually approached me and said "hello". she had this million-watt smile that had me a shook. then she wanted to know what my name was and we realized we had the same name. nice. i remembered that i had met her two years ago at a show and backed then i was floored. then the other girl asked me if i was a dj and i said "yes". then she was like "oh, you're that famous dj mel, right?" i was like "i guess." how funny...

after exchanging cards and what not, they sped away in some pimped-out bmw. anyway, the compliment was nice and attractive honeys are nice as well. it made me smile.


what are your top 5 concerts ever? here are no particular order.

nirvana/austin, texas 1991
lollapalooza tour 1997 (i was on the entire tour)
public enemy/austin, texas 1991
ozomatli/los angeles 1997
depeche mode/austin, texas 1988

there are more, but that's all i can think of right now.


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