Sunday, July 18, 2004


for some time, i've hungered for some enthusiasm. some really good sets with some really enthusiastic crowds. lately, i have been going through the motions - playing the role of a jukebox, if you will. that may be a little extreme, but the crowds i have been playing to lately have been, shall i say, far from being musically astute.

in my humble opinion, people here in austin are spoiled. they don't realize how good they have it when comes to the dj talent that plays here on a weekly basis. it's sad. i guess it's true that you're never really appreciated in your hometown, it's always the other cities that eat your shit up when you gig there.

this past weekend fed me a big plate of enthusiasm that i really needed. my weekly friday event was hot. props to all my friends that were there. you always give me the fuel to rock a party and i finally got to rock my le tigre records. last night i played in san antonio. the cats that booked me have been talking it up since may. i didn't know what to expect. all i know is that i ALWAYS have fun spinning there. despite all the drama from my bi-weekly there last summer, san antonio truly represents.

anyway, about last night...

after some trouble finding the venue, with a little help from the promoter, i finally got there. i walked into this dark, narrow bar with that was pretty full, then i was told to walk down the stairs into the basement where i walked into 300 people staring at me. waiting. it was packed! while walking through the thick crowd, mad people were walking up to me - shaking my hand, patting my back or saying "oh my god, there's dj mel."

i was flattered...

so i finally i got on the decks and for close to two hours, the crowd went nuts! picture 300 people freaking out in a basement! it didn't matter what i played. they ate it all up. the highlight was when i dropped c+c music factory and the dancehall version of it. i thought the building was going to explode. it was amazing.

i was scarred...

after the set, i felt an overwhelming sense of fulfillment. it's something that i have needed for so long. the thanks from everyone there was nice. the coolest thing was the fact that the promoter booked me as a gift for his girlfriend's birthday.

needless to say i have a big grin on my face today.

ok, i am still hungry. keep the gigs like this coming.

check out the promoter's website. click here. good things are happening in san antonio.

that is all for now.


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