Sunday, July 11, 2004

guess i didn't know the ledge.

there's one thing that i have realized - everyone hooks up at my parties and gigs. a close friend met his wife at my monday night gig, my other friend met his current girlfriend at one of my 80's parties. i think it's funny, 'cos at the end of the night i wind up going to breakfast with a bunch of dudes and all we talk about is how we never hook up with chicks. i'm such a nerd. if there's anything good out of that is the fact that i don't have deal with anyone or have to handle any drama. fuck that shit.

oh, i played an engagement party last night. the girl who had the party got engaged at one of my gigs. nice.


the idea of linking up with someone is kinda scary right now. i have seen two couples (ones i thought would never split) deal with all drama that a break up brings. moving out of houses, figuring out who owns what and you combine that with all the emotional shit, it makes single life pretty attractive. like a friend said to me the other day, "why get involved when it's going to end anyway." how true.

it still doesn't change the fact that i'm still girl crazy.

and thoughts of someone still swirls in and out of my mind everyday. how silly.

oh well, i'll continue to focus on music and the other nerdy things i have gotten involved in.

well, that is all for now.


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