Friday, July 09, 2004


what happened tonight was not calculated...i fell on my face. LITERALLY.

i walked into the living room while talking on the phone (w/a headset), with a soda in one hand and dinner in another. i tripped over a pillow that was left on the ground and in one swift move, i landed on my face hard. having items in my hands unabled me to break the fall. so when i got up, my mouth was gushing out blood. i ran to the restroom to see the damage with expectations of missing teeth and holes in my bottom lip, but to my surprise, i sustained a bottom lip that looked shredded and a sensitive front tooth.

thank god.

along with those minor injuries, my left knee was scraped bad as well.

it could have been worse, right? the sucky thing was i had to be at my gig soon after.

how lovely.

after a few mixed drinks at the club, i was good to go. i danced my ass off while spinning, which is always fun.

good times.

better go. i'm going power shopping with a friend early in the morning. she wants to be out before the stores open. how dorky.


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