Thursday, June 10, 2004

orange crush.

the sky this evening blew me think it was still raining when i took this shot.

the rains have not stopped for days. if anything good comes out of it, the greenbelt and swimming holes will look good. i better appreciate this cooler weather, 'cos i know that it's gonna be hot in a minute. crazy hot.

if things had gone as planned, the rains would have put a damper on everything. i wonder what she would have thought of this drenched, water-logged town. i hadn't thought about it 'til now. i guess i didn't want to. i supressed those feelings. put them away, if you will.

while on the way home from dinner tonight, i stopped by the creek behind my house to see the swell the rains created. like i had expected, the water had risen and was moving at a rapid pace. it was awesome. the sound of the water. the smell. it was kinda ironic though, because i was standing on a bridge. that old adage came to mind.

i sighed.

the water moved quickly.

my mind drifted to a place it had not been to in some time.

i stayed there for a moment.

i put those feelings away again.

oh well.

i want to see the sun again.

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