Friday, June 25, 2004

i'm pissed.

here's why...

- there's nothing worse than spinning to a crowd that has no clue about music. i truly believe that there's a generation of people out there that knows nothing but what is on the radio. blame your local commercial radio station and mtv. sad.

- watching some stupid rocker chick back into my new car in front of me tonight.
she sped away before i could get her license plate number. i will take a cab downtown from now on. people just don't give a fuck.

- rich people who think they can buy you with their money or get their way with it. truly evil.

- the fickle club scene.

there's more, but i want to shut my computer down. the thought of being online lately nauseates me. if you know me well, you know why...

leave your car in the garage.


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