Thursday, May 06, 2004

we have vinyl.

a typical night @ tambaleo. we don't fuck around.

i feel the urgency to get shit done. i want some new cd's in my people's hands. for real.

trainwrecking a simple mix while recording is a motherfucker. damn.

me frustrated? never.

tonight begins the string of gigs that will take me well into the weekend. it's gonna be hectic.

i want to go to a movie.

anyway, a club owner from nyc is flying down tomorrow to watch me spin. i guess he wants to see if i live up to the hype my mover/shaker friend has been making. it'll be no problem, piece of cake. ha.


peep the shining in 30 seconds. click here

discover the world of pantones. click here

i am frustrated.

no more time.


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