Sunday, May 09, 2004

take it to the bridge.

the fast pace of the weekend has downshifted to the much anticipated school zone speed that yours truly really needed. a nice meal and some good conversation would be nice right now...

neon lights, loud bands, thuggish girls and scenesters were the backdrop to my crazy evening last night. prior to my 12:30 set, i walked around downtown - strategically placing my stickers on every street fixture, while looking around the area in complete amazement. with that in mind, downtown is still the same...saw people that i didn't want to see, had people start shit with me, i was just bombarded with reminders of why i do not play downtown. truly amazing. luckily i don't have to. word.

it was so depressing.

even with the bitter taste of our nightlife reality, i had an awesome showcase. despite sound issues during sound check, i played to an open-minded crowd, which packed the dancefloor 'til the house lights came on. it was so much fun.

oh, the stripper that was jocking me during my set was interesting. it's like she's never seen someone spin before. amazing.

bumping into a high school friend that i have not seen in over a decade was cool too. small world...

now it's sunday evening.

the groceries have been bought.

the house cleaning is not yet completed.

i left the mini-disc recording.

the dog needs to go on a walk.


i have things to do.


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