Sunday, May 02, 2004

so tubular.

uh, it looks like the cat has been let out of the bag - i've been linked to a few local blogs. for years, a select few knew about this place. now, it's on. i guess it was bound to happen. let the show begin...

advice of the day: if you're on blogger, stay with 'em. don't go with livejournal. if people want to find you, they will. keep it gangsta.

hot damn! the weather is beautiful outside and i have the day off. it's time to roll. i'm gonna wash my ride.

i wish that girl (with the hair sticking up) was here. only four more weeks. :)

i'm taking the dog to the park today. word.


oh snap! it's pac manhattan! click here

don't kill them all! send one over here, it would make a great drinking partner! click here

japanese cats are wylin' with the hot kicks! i need to go there! click here

rawkus was on their shit in the late 90's. what happened? click here (via catchdubs)

the hot shit from digitalgravel. click here

pics of my next phone, the k700. the shit is hawt!!! click here

i almost forgot about musicplasma.

check some old pics from a scene that people here have probably forgotten about. click here

quote of the day: "the prettiest people do the ugliest things." kanye is so right.

enjoy the weather.


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