Tuesday, May 04, 2004

rising to the top.

my far away honey in a rush. she's so lovely.

one word folks! it's MURDERATION! i had fun rockin' the homefolks tonight. had some l.a. record label people buggin' out as well. they've invited me to do my thing at their night next month.
oooh weee!!!

the records they laced me with were hot as well. can't wait to do my thing on the west coast.
gotta keep connecting...

on the east tizzy, i'm getting some dates locked at this nyc bar as we speak.
hopefully i will be there in the next several weeks. keep them fingers crossed, money.

got my bonus mix for my next cd completed and i recorded all three hours of tonight's set. woah. now i need to get my cd completed...

links, doggy.

bobby brown on the comeback? the king of r&b (rocks and blunts) opens up on ya. click here

people here are fucking crazy sometimes. click here

more crazy shit. i think it's the water. click here

info on my one hour drive-by set this saturday. come out, suckas! click here

more later.


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