Saturday, May 29, 2004

a quick update.

lampin' before my gig yesterday.

the past 24 hours have been hot. yesterday, we took dj greyboy out sneaker shopping and for a high dollar meal...that shit was really fun. he was blown way by the fact that austin is crawling with super-hot girls. i almost forgot about all that - when you see them everyday, it's no big deal. oh well.

greyboy is good peoples. we're linking in l.a. when i gig there next month.

later that night, the show was dope. mad people (mostly chicks) were getting down to my set and greyboy's. it was nice to see the honeys getting jiggy to some dusty grooves. nice vibe. good times. we were all faded...

more shit this weekend - desmond williams at the coffeehouse early evening, i gig at oslo later and more crazy ish tomorrow. this town rules. you all are sleeping.

fuck whatcha heard.

more pics. more later.


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