Thursday, May 27, 2004

in effect mode.

it's your boy gettin' nerdy with the sampler.

it's been a minute since yours truly actually said something up in this piece. a few bumps in the road threw things off for a bit, but now it's time to shift into gear and get shit done, son. it's time to handle some business.

to comment on today, it was a long, fatigue-filled blur. some really sad things happened and something that has been a long time coming finally came to pass. the latter was rad. i walked away with the biggest smile. the sun was shining...

looking at my calendar for the next month or so, it will be filled. mad gigs and new events are on the agenda. i'm excited. i'm looking forward to playing nyc, la and everywhere else in between as well. maybe i will be in your area soon...

i expect my new cd to be completed within the next two weeks. throwing it down, mastering it, cover art and manufacturing should all be sewn up before my next 80's throwdown. speaking of which, foolish you'll be to miss it. don't be skurred.

for weeks now, this cd has not left the deck in my ride. genius or not, mr. jones has this kid open. the shit is bananas! mark my words, this cat will be huge!!! the best thing is he's from texas. represent...

ok, that is all for now. check out my upcoming gigs and get your world rocked.


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