Monday, April 26, 2004

sound check.

this past weekend was hot. all my gigs were fun and i got to see people i have not seen in such a long time. it was nice.

we had an nyc dj spin with us this past friday. he will be here with these cats next month. he played for an hour and then i went on for the last 20 minutes of the night. all i can say is that he was blown away by my short set.

i don't think that he was expecting someone from austin to come with it like that. well, it's nothing out of the ordinary, i do this every week. i try...

anyway, on the strength of that, a mover/shaker friend of mine that witnessed my set is going to get me bookings all over the country.


today, i had a two hour meeting with him in regards to the promotion and marketing of yours truly. he wants me playing in nyc asap.

i'm not going to hold my breath. i will believe all of it as soon as it materializes. i don't know, but my friend is WELL CONNECTED.

we'll see.

all this talk has me amped and very motivated. yay!

i have the handsfree on. lis' voice is sweet. aaaaahhh.


hey. it's the lil' john name generator. click here

here's some fatal attraction-type shit. gotta love girls on meds. click here

huh? click here

more later.


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