Tuesday, April 06, 2004

the rig.

a shot before saturday's party.

i had much fun at the gig tonight. i've realized that it doesn't get any better than monday nights. even though i get frustated at times with it, i know that it's the best thing ever. tonight was a classic night - a packed house, receptive crowd and nothing but smiles. it was reminiscent of the early days in '96. it's amazing that this weekly has been going strong for almost 8 years. i'm really proud. we got it goin' on...

i'm going to try real hard to play out of state this summer. have it set up my way - with my own rig and timeslot that permits me to rock during primetime. i plan on utilizing my links in nyc, la, sf and other cities to my full advantage. i think if i put some effort into it, it can happen...

completing my new cd wouldn't hurt either.

links and links and links and links...

hey! i'm on a bill with cee-lo and young gunz. that's funny, i haven't confirned that shit yet. click here

damn. the nikon d70 review. click here

bill gates is no longer the world's richest man. click here

dope pics. dope beats. click here

like space invaders? click here

wow. an amazing gallery of classic new wave bands. click here

more later!


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