Wednesday, April 21, 2004

the potty fancy.

another long productive day has ended. records are checked in, customers helped, made sure an acoustic set sounded clear and dates for upcoming shows are sealed. ooh-wee, i need a drink. :) this week will stay this way...


is just it me? i think that fauxhawks are played out.

girls that rock hi-top basketball shoes are fresh. no, chucks do not count.

latin-flavored hip hop beats are just hot, money! listen to my favorite record! click here (from turntablelab)

some links...

is prince on the comeback? i haven't heard his new cd, but the promo posters for it are mad disturbing. click here and here

dayam! this cat has 99 problems, but a bitch ain't one! click here

people with more problems. how sad. click here


wow. an amazing story on john o'neill - the fbi agent that fought hard to get the bureau to pay attention to al-queda. he left the fbi in the summer of 2001 to become the head of security at the world trade center. crazy shit. click here


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