Monday, April 05, 2004

the picture says it all.

ON-STAGE ANTICS!!! it's your boy getting attacked by one of the my dancers @ the 80's party.

all i can say is that the party the last night was so much fun. i wasn't in gear for half the night, but soon after i took advantage of the cooler of beers that was provided for the dancers and myself, IT WAS ON.

had fun mixing.

had fun interacting with the crowd on the mic.

had fun getting down w/the dancers.

had fun being SERIOUSLY drunk.

the party was packed, but not crazy packed like the last time - i think the crazy thugs taking over downtown deterred some people from coming out. it was fucked up. what the party lacked in bodies was made up by the great vibe.

being seriously drunk was not so fun though. getting sick in the restaurant during breakfast was delightful and probably not the highlight of my evening. ha.

i never drink like that while i am spinning. i do take my dj'ing seriously.

like i said, it was so much fun. props.

links, money.

some dope panoramic shots. click here

nerdy tron shit. click here

another reason to feel weird about urban outfitters. click here

'til later.


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