Thursday, April 15, 2004

a lovely day.

it's your boy, getting bookings while chillin' on the grass today. it was beautiful.

now it is time to get back into gear and open up that throttle. i'm making major moves to stay busy. you need a dj? buzz me.

we're about to throw some shows this summer that will raise the bar on all you suckas. keep 'em peeled, 'cos it's gonna be hot.

now the links.

here's the dirt on the festival i'm spinning at on may 8th. click here

houston kids talking about my upcoming gig. click here

someone is not feeling cell phones. click here

how much did it cost to make that dud called the alamo? click here

yet another reason to think that the majors are greedy bastards. click here

stop mashing up jay-z's album! it's done, son! click here

on the mellow tip, i'm feeling iron and wine.

pizza awaits.

a sleepyhead on the phone is on my mind.

a series of gigs begins tomorrow for me. it will be busy.


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