Thursday, April 01, 2004

go shorty, it's your...

an iced-out baked item from the great white north. you know you rock. thanky.

yes. i'm the april fool's baby. bless me with a comment, an email or some crazy gadgets. holla.

try to come out to my gig this evening. it'll be nice to see some familiar faces, nah mean? we'll get crunk, warehouse district style.

ok. links.

on some related ish. top 100 april fool's day hoaxes. click here

chappelle show tonight was too funny. i'm still hooked.

that new kanye west joint w/ syleena johnson is crazy hot. the perfect spring time jam. definitely one for the honeys. click here for a taste. (via turntablelab)

to see the super-fresh video, click here

stacey dash is in the video. she's fly. remember that freeway scene in clueless? funny shit.

oh snap! google hittin' ya with the free email w/a gig of storage. bananas. click here

a pretty cool t-shirt for 10 bucks. click here (via randomshirts)

a dope pic.

fresh honeys rockin' some jordans? that shit doesn't really exist! totally dreamy. (via

props to different kitchen for the linkage.

interesting information on file sharing and declining cd sales. click here

parting shot...

i'm a nerd. there, i said it.

that's it for now.

enjoy the beautiful weather.


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