Thursday, April 29, 2004


another uneventful one at the day job. since a fellow buyer decided to take a few days off, i had a desk to work on. nice. i think it will be the same tomorrow as i need to get some shit done.


we had an in-store today with this kid. along with the usual in-store suspects, the store was packed with anxious high school kids. when he arrived, he did his acoustic set within the crowd - instead of being totally detached from the crowd on stage. it was cute - his songs were innocent, the kids sang along and cheered. it was awesome.

watching the kids in their excitement was a total throwback to me. it took me back to a time when i used to be excited about music. excited about it with my best friends. going to shows with them. always hanging out with them no matter what. loving music together.

now, i have done almost everything in the music biz. my best friends have as well. one is a very popular singer-songwriter. the other worked for labels. me, i'm still knee deep. a bit desensitized, but still doing the music thing. i never see them much anymore, but music will always be our bond.

i need to make some calls, huh?

seeing, hearing and experiencing those kids today is what i needed. i had to be reminded. i think we all need to be. if i could only feel this way all the time...

it's all good.

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