Friday, March 05, 2004

toe jam.

nothing like a green pair of air force ones. from the pic you can't tell that they are, but you're looking at the hotness.

it's official, i'm a jukebox. if i have to spin that usher track one more time, i think i'll start sprayin'.

the requests are starting to get ridiculous, but i get more people feelin' the whole unpredictablity of my sets. people need to stay in their rides if they want to hear the radio. all my dj friends are getting it bad at their gigs as well.

i remember a time when club dj's broke records, way before radio would even touch them. times have changed...

oh well.

here's some shit i love to spin, that most clubbers love to hate...

surface - happy (had a sorority girl tell me that it was "the worst song ever")

loose ends - hanging on a string (on the laid-back 808 tip)

chaka khan - do you love what you feel

maze - before i let go

evelyn champagne king - i'm in love (that's my muthafuckin' song)

dennis edwards - don't look any further

there are many more, but listing them would take forever.

for the most part, the crowds at the clubs are cool. maybe i'll charge for requests. hee...


paul mooney is a genius. check him out on chappelle show.

a crunk energy drink. click here

still not sure about the numark portable turntable. click here

buying a $350 cell phone was an impulsive move. the celly is pure hype. it goes back for the refund tomorrow. damn, i'm bored...


my upcoming gigs list (to the left) has been updated. take a peek. hopefully i'll see you out.

it's late.


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