Tuesday, March 09, 2004


a random pic i took in dallas. summer 2002. good times.

i took the tough task of spinning solo tonight. g is still on the disabled list and so i had no choice but to do it alone. have no fear though, i killed it with the real hip hop. killed them softly with the classic soul and r&b. it was nice.

in the past, playing alone for 4 hours has never been a problem. i've had kids jumpin' for 6 hours 'til sunrise, but now it's seems like work. maybe it's the crowds. maybe it's the bars. who knows. tonight was an exception and i had fun...

oh well.

i'm not one to get too political, but the whole howard stern debacle puts your first amendment rights in question. maybe? click here

here's some info about freddy fresh's new book on hip hop records. should be good for the record nerds. click here

on the same tip, the record convention is coming. it's on the weekend of my birthday. word.
click here

gotta go, money.


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