Monday, March 22, 2004

pushing buttons.

this kid has been mad tired. i've been working hard. i've been dj'ing hard. believe that...

fortunately the music festival nonsense is over with. now that all the ny/la peoples have taken their notes and jetted, now it's time to get back to reality and get down to serious business. it's gonna be busy. i'm gonna be all over the place.

make sure you come out and support the realness. much love to the ones that have been coming out!

yours truly placed in two categories in our local music poll. ha. i've always thought it was a total joke. for a giggle, click here

star wars nerds unite! it's star wars origami. click here

another reason why a-town is not the "live music capital of the world". ozomatli meets the apd. how sad. click here

random thought of the day: chicks that know heavy d lyrics are hot.

more dribble, more pics later...

keep bangin'.

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