Wednesday, March 17, 2004

get ready.

another installment of the 80's party is coming for dat ass. posting the flyer is a bit premature, but it's so hot that i had to. the girls look fab on the back! hee...

last night a camera crew stopped by the bar after closing to film me teach basic dj techniques for some television show. i think the feature is going to be called "dj 101". doi. i'm looking forward to the finished product. anyway, it should be on local television soon.

mad gigs and mad offers coming. things are about to get busy. like they're not already.

on some other ish...

if you're a tagger, beware! click here

this jay-z remix shit is now officially retarded. blended w/ weezer? come on now! i found his comment on dj's interesting. click here

hotness. getting arty with a xerox machine. click here

on the real, my next cell phone purchase. this shit is fresh! click here

that's it for now.


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