Friday, March 26, 2004

bunched up.

finally. some time to chill. no work today. so the decompression begins...

circumstances beyond my control have almost forced me to stay home. the excessive road construction, the excessive traffic, the excessive noise that comes with all that has been the worst. i want to get away for a minute. it will happen soon.

more work, more gigs, more ish before that can happen. 'til then, i will savor the time off for now...

i need some coffee.

more random ish to keep you occupied...

huh? what? a four-eared kitten. bugged out. click here

remember speak n spell? relive your childhood. click here

this guys has problems. click here

google voice search? crazy. click here

silly cell phone questions answered. i thought the ones about the ex's were funny. ha. click here

that's it.

have a good day.

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