Wednesday, February 11, 2004


if it keeps raining, i'll probably need one of those vests.

again this weather sucks. i want it to be warm and sunny. this weather is slowing me down. the sad thing it's not going away anytime soon...

other things i want right now...

- clean clothes.

- a home-cooked meal.

- 8 hours of sleep.

- a trip out of town (that does not involve a gig).

these are things that i have not had in such a long time. i wish i was not so busy...


cell phones users with bluetooth enabled handsets could have a serious security vulnerability. click here. that means you scroggin. :)

wow! a documentary on tupperware. click here. i actually dj'ed at a tupperware party a couple of years ago. good times.

no one wants to buy blockbuster. click here. their problems are simply the sign of the times. all video rental outlets will have to face the same things. technology can be a mofe sometimes.

BOH! remember that cat snow? that track "informer" clogged the airwaves back in '93. it drove me mad. damn, it's been that long? funny thing people still request his shit. that's cool he's still doing his thing. big up.

see how these people talk about my 80's party then to some other non-related shit on this message board.

next time you're at the record store, pick up the "the world of arthur russell" cd. click here. arthur russell was a co-founder of sleeping bag records, which was the home for epmd, mantronix, todd terry and more. not only that, he was a great producer. check out some 80's music than has nothing to do with the new wave that people seem to only associate that time period with. recommended.

while were talking about some 80's ish, here's the poster for my party...

it's late.


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