Wednesday, February 04, 2004

preferred listening.

my set from the last party.

a dj for a popular hip hop group gets pinched for a bank robbery spree. click here. bugged out thing is that i hung out with that cat all summer when i was on the lollapalooza tour in '97. shit gets twisted...

my next shoe purchase. (from hanon shop)

oh snap! sneaker shopping in japan. click here

need some hot t-shirts? click here. they're dope, cheap and skraight outta texas. represent-sent.

the new season of chappelle show so far has been bananas. tonight's show was no exception...

bored? get your miniature golf on.

this weather is making this kid sleepy. from the looks of things, it should get better. it feels like the northwest up in this piece. yuck.

'til later.


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