Tuesday, February 24, 2004

outside looking in.

i am typing to the sound of my neighbors talking really loud outside. it's 3am. please be considerate.

there were fights at the bar this evening. one almost ended the night. after the final scuffle, i was frazzled. i played with expectations of another brawl. not good. people just don't know...

to think that people payed to come into a bar to fight. you can do that anywhere for free. jeez.

people are funny.

i reflected on last night's conversation and your most recent entry. it's cool that you're a scaredy-cat. believe me, i understand.

take the offer to avoid the razorblade-like snow. see and experience what exists beyond the ol' interweb. that portal you speak of...

wmc would be fun. eating barbeque would be too.

not much else to say now. hmmm...

it's now quiet outside. it has started to rain.

i will use that as my cue.


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