Friday, February 06, 2004


(photo by todd v. wolfson)

some of austin's finest gets their shine on in the new issue of the chonicle. click here

what a perfect way to set things off before the 80's party saturday. the article was good for our scene. good for all us that have been paying mad dues. respect.

man, them patsy cline joints are kinda hitting home. it hurts so good. :) maybe watching this movie has something to do with it. that damn cable...

oh yeah. the kelis remix that utilizes vanity 6's "nasty girl" instrumental breathes new life into "milkshake". i love vanity 6! i was getting tired of playing the album version. it's time to retire that beyotch...wasn't vanity a crackhead? i can't remember.

damn! this is stomach-churning! click here

click here to see some pics that fuses baby and adult photos to create something truly interesting.

shit. i need to go out and take pics.

better go!


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