Tuesday, February 10, 2004

cabin fever.

this is the type of picture that one takes when they've been in the house too long. jeez.

from the forecasts, it looks like this dreary weather is going to be here for a minute. unfortunately when it's dark and ugly outside, i tend to retreat within the confines of my apartment. maxin' and relaxin. wearing comfortable gear and watching good movies all day. that's the shit.

for some reason, this inactivity has given me a guilty conscious. i feel like i need to productive. creative. if i am not running around with my head cut off, i feel like there's something wrong...

fuck it, i work my ass off. i deserve to chill. so there.


a record that has been a staple in my sets is this dancehall remix record that combines beyonce's "baby boy" acapella over chaka demus and plier's "murder she wrote" riddim. that shit is pure fire. drop it in the middle of your set and watch the honeys go wild. i love it. click here to get a sample. (via base records)

back up your shit on your computer. i just bought this 'cos you never know.

dayam. nikon enters the sub-$1000 digital slr market. i'm gonna hit the camera shop this week to check it. click here

looks like tower records is finally filing for bankruptcy. click here (via blogcritics)
i am not suprised. they have been skating on thin ice for the longest...

that's it for now.


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