Tuesday, February 03, 2004


some random picture from the amoda show.

not too much to say over here, other than i am overworked. i have gigged 17 out of the 31 days in january. needless to say, i am taxed. it's good though, i need to stay this way. i can say that i am not broke...

being in the state of mind i'm in today, i have been this self-indulgent dork and listening to all sorts of sappy shit. nothing really depressing, but tracks that have somewhat of a bittersweet quality about them. most of them are from the 80's as well. go figure.

here are some of the tracks that are on the minidisc today...

spandau ballet - true (it was in sixteen candles. remember pm dawn?)

elvis costello - everyday i write the book

morrissey - suedehead

thompson twins - hold me now

psychedelic furs - love my way

ok. that's it. you get the picture...

here's another shoe site. they have dope t-shirts as well.

a great music site for those who need help looking for new music to buy. just enter your favorite band and it will show you bands that are connected or similar in style. good stuff...

gotta go.

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