Monday, February 09, 2004

absolutely out of control.

the 80's party saturday was the biggest one ever. we had reached capacity (over 500) around 11pm. there was a huge line that wrapped around the block all night and it never got smaller. i have to say that i had a really good time. the girls had a blast dancing on stage, the visuals were incredible and the vibe was in point. i have to say that i was very pleased. faded as well...

i had no idea how large the crowd was 'til they had turned on the house lights towards the end. when they came on, i was in blown away by the turnout. damn, it was fucking bananas. props to all.

we are talking about moving the event to a larger venue, possibly one that holds well over 1000 people. the booking agent is trying convince me to do so. i don't know. logistically and financially it's a risky move. we'll see what happens.

all i have to say is that i am thankful that this event has been successful. very.

on to some other ish...

drew barrymore gets pinned. click here

a little something for the star wars/sneaker freak that i am. click here

crucial viewing for the depeche mode fan. click here

my girl lynne in nyc and i need to go bowling. shit is on the same page. click here

same with this honey. i text you. the weather is gloomy here as well.

ok. here's a another parting shot.

have a good day.

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