Friday, January 23, 2004


a random shot from my friend's coffeehouse in 2002.

my thursday night gig was cool. despite the smaller crowd this time, it still was bumpin'.

what the fuck is up with the bugged-out requests? people need to stay home if they want to hear some of the shit they were asking for...

trance? puh-leeeese. put the glowstick down.

outkast "hey ya"? i think i will purposely scratch that record and leave it at home. the same goes for "milkshake". those two joints need to be retired.

classic rock? there's a time and place for it, but not when this kid is playing.

georgia satellites? black crowes? damn!!!

chicago house circa '88? i'm a househead to the fullest, but that was retarded.

shizzle. it could be worse, you know? maybe not. :)


flyers for the next 80's party hit the streets today and they are hot.

fyi. make a point to stop by this event tonight. it should be cool...

check this out...

props to different kitchen

looks like the no limit empire is falling. thank god i got my master p doll when did. sheesh...

ok. i'll leave you with a video. here's a remix of electric six's "gay bar" with george w. and tony blair.
funny stuff. click here

audi 5000.

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