Monday, January 19, 2004

steady mobbin'.

movin' the oslo peoples this past saturday.

gettin' graceful at the funk party last night.

finally this gig-packed week has come to a close. every night i have been blessed to spin in front of some huge, enthusiastic crowds. the new weeklies have gain momentum from the get, which i good. i can honestly say that i have had a good time spinning and it can only get better...

i need an entire day off though.

here are some silly pics of my dallas gig on january 2nd. click here. hip hop and ya don't stop...

i almost forgot how much i love donny hathaway. his music, along with his voice is incredible. if there's one singer that touches my soul, it's him. interesting that his college roommate was leroy hutson. curtom records in muthafuckin' house!!!

i highly recommend you purchase a donny hathaway album. i think the best introductory album would be his live album. click here for the scoop.

now get to steppin' to the record store. :)


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