Saturday, January 24, 2004


the event i played at tonight was truly slammin'. the packed bar (full of hipsters and electronic heads) got down to my set of 80's electro and warmed up things for the headliner. from the response of my set, my 80's party next month should be crazy. my flyers were all over that party so the word is out...

i am so thankful that people enjoyed my set. i had fun.

i had many conversations with many people tonight and the same subjects were brought up in all of them. here they are...

- staying motivated in austin.

- living in a town the facilitates getting drunk every night and going to shows.

- getting out of that routine and making a difference.

- career wishes and hopes.

- relationships (how that was brought up, i'll never know).

some of these conversations were with people that i barely know. just people that are fans of what i do. it's interesting that these people would delve into such topics. very cool.

it was fun people watching and listening to some great music. it was good to be out.

time to crash.


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