Monday, January 26, 2004

rock with me.

rockin' the crowd friday night.

some low-res action from the funk party the other night. note the cold weather gear, it was cold like a mofe.

shout out to the honeys @ lowendbuzz for the picture. hop on that site and get your learn on..

don't you hate it when you hear a song at a store that totally reminds you of someone? it leaves your ass creased for the rest of the day? like i need's bananas how the 80's jams are all over the place.

jam of the day - steely dan "peg" click here (via turntablelab)

i have been to aerobicizing to this track all last night and today. damn, i love that song!
sweatin' to those damn oldies...

my girls in nyc now a website. click here

book 'em if you need a dj in the tri-state area...

well, i better go. check out my upcoming gigs and support.


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