Monday, January 12, 2004


some random ish from the last rootdown event.

i am anxiously waiting for some news about my mom. i have called my pop's cell and left messages. hopefully the surgery went well, but 'til i hear anything i'll remain anxious. as far as seeing her, i will wait 'til she gets home. the last time she was in the hospital, it was so hard seeing her incapacitated. i hope she's fine.

my photo shoot this morning for the chronicle went well. we used the bike park near my house as the backdrop for the shots, so the few pics i saw were cool. be on the lookout for the interview and pictures in the chronicle sometime early february...

at the moment, i am in a meeting w/my crew - baby g , dave and this new associate that dave has been dealing with. we're at this coffeehouse, drawing up some plans for the new year. bigger and better is the goal for the upcoming months. an old school hip hop event, a dancehall throwdown and other things are planned for the year. it will be bananas. the 80's party next month will be the jumpoff for global domination. :)

it looks like after the meeting, we're all going to link up with this cat that has a plane and we're going to take a flight over austin. the pilot is going to take us to some barbeque joint in llano for lunch then it's back to austin. i'm excited. it'll be funny watching dave squirm in the plane - seeing that he hates planes. full report later on...

better go.


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