Thursday, January 01, 2004

nye in dallas.

arriving in dallas.


mick's before the madness.

holding it down.



finally, time for bed.


my gig in dallas was hot. the bar was packed, people were into the music and i got paid. the only thing that kinda sucked was being alone up in that dj booth all night. even though i was busy, it would've been nice to be with the people that i care about. it was weird not really knowing anybody...

when midnight struck, i grabbed the mic and said the usual nye stuff and made a toast for everyone (i did not have a drink). immediately i sat down on my records and reflected for a minute. soon after, i resumed my set. while i was spinning i was thinking about so many things. i guess when you're hammered on new year's you really don't have the mindset to be analytical, but i was sober and it all came pouring was a good. funny thing, i did not miss a beat during my set while thinking all that. i did my thing for the rest of the evening and the crowd was pleased. mission accomplished.

i know that it's always good to make an enormous amount of money at times, but there are situations where being with the ones you love matters the most. i know the choice i made was a financially sound one, but i didn't want to start the new year without my people. perhaps if there was at least one person i knew up there i would've felt differently. oh well.

at least i drove home with a fat pocket.

well, after a long drive back, i went w/scroggin and his girl to merrick's for some really good food and beer. it was good to chill with my freinds. i really needed that after last night...

this saturday it's back to dallas with yours truly firing up the decks @ crave. be there.

hope you all had a good one and i wish you a very happy new year!!!

peace and prosperity...


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