Wednesday, January 28, 2004

dayjobby job.

a pic of my desk at work today. damn, this kid is bored.

if there's anything to be excited about, it's the influx of hot 12" singles that i have been ordering for the store. not necessarily the clubby hip hop ish, but more of the downtempo/instrumental hip hop that i am really feeling right now.

if you are a digger, go out and get these...

a tribe called quest - icu (shizola remix)

a tribe called quest - stressed out (richy pitch remix)

sleeve - get it on

dj presto - presto ep

freddie cruger - running from love

take - pieces from the puzzle

you can probably scoop these records up from groove distribution.

alright, here are some of the 80's shit that i laced on the kids on friday night (to spice this list up a bit).
so start diggin'...

boytronic - brilliant

voyou - germany calling

cybotron - clear

alexander robotnik - problems d'amour/fuzz dance (this is my muthafuckin' song)

twilight 22 - electric kingdom

section 25 - looking from a hilltop

visage - pleasure boys

clan of xymox - a stranger

the funny thing about these records is that i used to geek out to them in the late 80' the SAME BAR that i played at the other night. my best friend and i would sneak into that joint when i was a kid back in the day. that fact dawned on me while i was spinning. it made me smile. i had dreams of spinning there when i was young...funny how things work out. the best thing was the kids were eating my shit up. look at the top pic from my last post...

while were on the 80's tip, here's a little something for you...

test your 80's video game knowledge. click here

LIKE OH MY GAWD. turntablelab's review of new order's "bizarre love triangle" is the funniest thing i have ever read. if you are a fan of hip hop and 80's shit, you'll love it. click here and scroll down.

ok. make sure you go to my 80's party on february 7th.

be there, it'll be the sure shot.

before i jet, here's a link for ya, talk about fucking bananas. i nearly soiled myself! shout out to catchdubs for the linkage.


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