Thursday, January 22, 2004

cabin pressure.

another shot from our spectacular trip for barbeque last week.

i really need to finish up all the pics and throw them in the gallery.

well, it appears that my month is completely filling up. at the end of the month, i am gigging out of town and i have been picked up to open for snoop dogg in town as well. it should be interesting. lets hope that i will not be spinning for three hours like the last time he performed. that shit was brutal...


here you go. a few random links...

one of my favorite bands from the 80's, the fixx. click here

marc weiss the dj chef. (via different kitchen)

de la soul dolls are now available. click here

a flock of seagulls reunited on vh-1. interesting viewing. click here

hey dj's, a bpm database. click here (big up to j davis)

my next phone. click here

that's it for now.

peace, doggy!

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