Thursday, December 18, 2003

a list.

it's that time again. top 10 time. since i had to cough up a list for work, i decided to throw it on here for kicks. so take a look and buy that shit at your local indie record spot!

fuck a chain store...

in no particular order.

1. lost in translation soundtrack - i'm not really a big fan of the soundtrack, most of them are usually wack - filled w/ dawson creek-type schlock or it sounds like some playlist from some nba halftime show, but this one made an impact. as well as the film did itself. kevin shields is the man...

2. erykah badu . worldwide underground - for a minute, miss badu lost me. after the first album, my attention went somewhere else. maybe i got tired of the whole nu-soul schtick. who knows, but after the "love of my life" single, i was open. even though i think she's off in her own world (talking about glocks?), she dropped a gem on that ass. from beginning to end, this album is nice. anyone who would jack "funk you up" by sequence gets props...

3. central standards . southern soul construction - i see the future of instrumental hip hop and it comes from dallas. i seriously feel that people on the west and east coast think were a bunch of hillbillies killing time on a mechanical bull, but you can't deny it, we got it goin' on here. from dj's to beatmakers, this spot is about to blow. anyway, tracks from hydroponic sound system, rerog, and the maniacal beatdiggers rehash lace this great album. cop it.

4. hollertronix . never scared - ok, when i first listened to the beginning of this mix, it was like hearing myself spin. cool. further into it, i realized they were on the whole southern rap thing. are they being ironic? serious? i dunno, but it's a good mix. i'd like to see them spin to a bunch of real southern rap heads (houston is two hours away), now that would be a sight to see. big up philly.

5. beyonce f. jay-z . crazy in love 12" - this reminds me of all the crazy gigs i had all over the state this past summer. as soon as that horn line dropped, it was like a zoo on the dancefloor. you can't deny it, this one was truly a burner. it also reminds me of the incredible ps1 party in queens w/ danny krevit behind the decks in july. truly inspirational. totally a track for the honeys...

6. aim . stars on the 33.3 - not only are they good beatmakers, they have great taste in music.

7. freddie cruger . movin amongst the madness 12" - this cat is the producer of the moment. every thing he drops is like crack for hip hop dj's. from uprock beats to champagne room tracks, he's on a roll. this 12" is no exception. sorry! this record is sold out everywhere...

8. rehash . all the 2003 7" releases - see #3.

9. outkast . the way you move/hey ya 12" - no brainer. drop the needle on this and become every sorority girl's boyfriend.

10. stereolab . instant 0 in the universe - i'm a sucker for them. enough said.

well there you go. i hope you liked it.

ok. i'm now going to enjoy my CLEAN house.


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