Sunday, December 28, 2003

like you've never seen them before.

had to take pics while watching the telly a year ago. i finally found them buried in my computer and now here they are for you to gawk at. i thought the show was always a lighthearted one, but from these shots you would think otherwise, huh?


to my dismay, it appears that the weather here has taken the face of winter (at least for us texans), it's dark and rainy. with such weather, one would curl up and fall into hibernation mode, but not for me. gotta keep moving. keep hustling.

as of right now, i have started pre-production of my new cd. figuring out the tracklisting, practicing and firing up the multi-track. this time i will add layers to the mix, totally different from the kamikaze/one-take job i did on the last cd. this time you will really see where i'm coming from. it will be out by the next ROCK THE CASBAH joint. so keep 'em peeled.

since it is a rainy sunday afternoon, i will enjoy the simple pleasures...

a tall iced coffee.

christmas cookies from m.

my dog chillin' next to me.

john coltrane playing on the stereo.

taking time to pay some bills (not really a pleasure, but the pleasure comes from being responsible).

posting on this blog.

it's been a hot minute since yours truly had the chance and sit down and relax. i'm gonna milk it.

better go for now.


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