Monday, December 08, 2003

kids are rad.

oh yes, it's your boy lampin' with m's little nephew. talk about a ham, if i were only as cool as him...


this weekend was hot! made some loot and played to some appreciative crowds. the hip hop 4 laydeez joint was nutty. mad women getting down to my bugged out mixes along with sorta upscale crowd that hang out @ tambaleo. it looks like i will be moving my friday night joint there in the next several weeks. i have to get away from downtown...

pics from the party coming soon!

my satruday night gig in dallas was hoppin' as well. even though i was not in a "zone", the crowd had a good time and that's all that matters. the following day, i had brunch with my best friend and watched him decorate his x-mas tree. that was entertaining. my man is obsessed with the yuletide steelo. charlie brown x-mas pumpin' on the stereo and all the related ish all over the living room. i'm not a big fan of christmas so i found it a bit disturbing, but in a good way. i have never seen that side of him. hee.

to rationalize my purchase, i felt like after a long weekend of gigging i deserved these...

it's rare to see air forces in a color that's not white and the grey/black colorway made it irresistable. so there.

thanks to sneakercenter for the pic. check out the site and buy some kicks.

well, after talking to my friend on the phone the other day, he convinced me to take the big money gig in dallas for nye. he said "you can hang out with your friends the next day and have your bank account padded as well." excellent advice. since i have a car payment now, i'll need the cash for later.

gotta blaze. i want to enjoy this spring-like weather while it my nyc peeps, i feel ya. double yer socks.


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