Monday, December 22, 2003

busy as a bee.

i just scored more free airline tickets. this is where i want to go soon.

everything seems to be in a whirlwind right now - working the holiday retail thing, dj'ing mad gigs and driving out of town to deal with some loose ends pertaining to my car has yours truly a little frazzled. you know what's funny? it won't let up 'til the first week of january. geez.

the most important thing is that i have barely seen m the past week or so. she's been doing the friends back in town for x-mas thing, the family thing and working the retail thing as well - which is all good considering that she's had a really tough semester in school. she needs to do those things, blow some steam if you will. we all need that. i really need it right about now too, but it's been weird...

anyway, i miss m. ok, i said it.

on some other ish...

it's seems apparent that i will have to break out my contract now when i get booked for events outside of my usual gigs. walking into a room with no p.a. system, busted turntables or the financier of the party turns out to be a total alcoholic and runs off with the check gets really old. if i'm giving you my 100%, i expect the same...

this will avoid many problems. i think i am at a level where i don't have to deal with such things. booking good talent has always had a cost, so i should always think that way. if some wedding dj is getting paid a grip and he's just sitting there doing nothing and playing the "hokey pokey", then i'm going to expect the same, if not more. for real.

oh by the way, i have employed the services of my old booking agent from chicago. she is now handling all my bookings from now on. so you can deal her. word.

happy holidays!


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