Tuesday, December 30, 2003

balance, loyalty and respect.

these are the three words i am going to put on a piece of paper and tape to the back of the front door. it's something that i need to see everytime i step out of the house. i think we need to be reminded of that each day or if not, every now and then...

after talking to my photographer friend eric alba after my gig last night, he put things into perspective for me, not only was it was nice to talk to someone who could see where i am coming from - he pretty much verbalized everything i had been thinking and then some. i really needed to hear all the things that he had to say and after it was all said it done, those three words that i want to tape to the door were the only things that i could think of.

these words should apply to every aspect of my life, whether it's my dj'ing , day job, love life, family and friends. i feel that i have not applied those elements to these things as much as i should. i feel that (at times) that there's a lack of it on the other the end as well. i'm not mad. we're not perfect...

with that imperfection in mind, we're STILL able to learn and to do right. that's the luxury we all have - to get back up, knock the dust off our shoulders and keep keepin' on.

what a luxury that is...

we tend to forget that we have an incredible effect on the people around us. it's hard to believe, but it's true. example - if someone close to you is sad, then more than likely in some way, that (not to be hokey) energy will affect you. that could also trickle down to other people in your life as well...if you let it. the same applies if that person is happy.

if we ultilize those three words, not only do the people close to you benefit, most importantly YOU benefit. that's the most important thing...

word up.

well, that's enough of my preaching for the day. :)

i had to get that out.

i feel so much better.

have a good day and be good to each other.


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