Saturday, November 08, 2003


that's it. i have decided to quit my friday night gig. tonight things started off slow, then BAM!!! everybody rushed the bar during the last hour. i did a great job at moving the crowd and i was feeling great about the night 'til some knucklehead in a tommy hilfiger uniform decided to talk shit while i was asking everyone to exit the bar. so words were exchanged, it got heated, then i had the dork escorted out of the bar.

please note - when a dj has a microphone and you talk shit, be prepared to be put on front street, 'cos they probably wont put up w/some biscuithead when they're trying to do their job. i know i won't. also, no requests.

ya betta come correct...

despite the fact that a fan asked me not to quit (for the sake of the scene) tonight, i'm still quitting. it was flattering, but i'm tired.

anyway, i'm so ready to stay away from the 6th street/red river area. there's nothing there but trouble...

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